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Recurso: Autismo y matemáticas II



· Getting Started

· Column Addition

· Number Families

More Column Addition

· Adding Dollars and Cents


· Number Families

· Column Subtraction

· Column Subtraction with Regrouping

· Working with Three-Digit Numbers

· Working with Large Numbers and More Regrouping


· Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division

· Multiplication and Number Families

· Multiplying Numbers in a Column

· Multiplying by a Single-Digit Number

· Multiply by a Two-Digit Number


· Place Value and Division Number Families

· Short Division

· Solving Short Division Problems

· Division with Remainders

· Long Division with Remainders

Web Resources

Explores topics in arithmetic, K-8 math, trigonometry, calculus, and everything in between. Features a drop-down menu with links to the most common math questions.

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Math.com Homework Help
Offers help on topics in prealgebra, algebra, and geometry.

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AAA Math
Provides a comprehensive set of interactive math lessons for grades 1-8. Subjects include addition, subtraction, counting, estimation, exponents, fractions, graphs, mental math, geometry, and statistics.

Additional Resources

Harcourt Animated Math Glossary
Defines important math terms for grades 1-6, from congruent figures to ordinal numbers.

Additional Resources

Math Dictionary for Kids
Includes definitions of concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Additional Resources

Superkids Math Worksheets
Creates worksheets on math topics for grades K-8, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, fractions, rounding, averages, factorials, and exponents.

Additional Resources

Recursos tomados de Discovery channel mathematics

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